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We are an international non-profit organization with more than 10 years of experience, made up of an enthusiastic group of collaborators convinced that having conscious governments and resilient cities is possible.

We are a proactive and responsible community of citizens, a mechanism of civic participation that unites talents, experience, and skills to achieve effective and conscious governments and societies that help their leaders and populations make the transition to a circular economy, ensuring compliance with the living standards and environmental protection of the 2030 Agenda.

Starting from a new understanding of the human being and its ecosocial interaction that elevates its life meaning and social dynamics towards human equity, love, and respect for nature.


City Infrastructure

Circular Economy, Clean energies, Transportation, Cybersecurity, Optimization of natural resources, Water management, Ecological agriculture, waste management, modernization of the state and digital infrastructure.

Social Transformation

We identify and promote civil and private iniciatives that achieve an impact on the generation of inclusion, equality and quality of life (guarantee of water, housing, food and education) . As well as projects that incentivates art, culture, creative industries, sports and human rights defense projects for women, the LGBTQI community and indigenous peoples.

Governmental Training and Assistance

We support governments into the ecological transition with training, and assistance, we find management gaps in priority topics for their specific region`s needs and link them with capable multilateral organisms, enterprises, institutions, or consultants that can assertively assist them with the implementation of programs and longterm infraestructure plan. We promote innovative practices of public policies and public management.

Human Development:

We function as a platform to develop cognitive and intuitive empowerment of the global citizen, by integrating the teaching of different game-changers in multidisciplinary areas such as social action, community leadership, spirituality, financial literacy, emotional intelligence, social entrepreneurship, wellness, nutrition, personal development, citizen responsibility, zero waste actions among other multidisciplinary perspectives.

Industries Engagement and Achievements.

We identify which are the significant changes and measures carried out by the actors of the main industries that are making an impact in improving the quality of life of people and the environment. Measures that deserve to be known, promoted and replicated in other parts of the world.

Climate action to protect oceans and ecosystems terrestres.

We identify and divulgate initiatives engaged with environmental protection and restauration that deserve to be known, supported, promoted and replicated in other world latitudes.


Better Governance Institute
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