We are aware that the current human and environmental state worldwide has come to change the foundations of our social, industrial and economic structures, we consider that more than a world crisis of use and distribution of resources; We are facing a crisis of conscience, individual and collective, for which we need to face with integrity but above all with a multi-sector alliance, international cooperation, and human integrity.

We support governments to achieve technological migration and urban, energy and digital infrastructure, for the optimization of resource management and government exercise. Likewise, we provide solutions for the recomposition of the social fabric, we identify solutions for the regeneration of the social fabric that reevaluate the sense of being and its passage through our planet. As are educational and ideological trends, social mechanisms and public policies to eradicate human patterns that cause inequality, marginalization, discrimination, and exploitation.

The IBG is a civilian mechanism for multisectoral international cooperation. Multidisciplinary union of visions, powers, talents, and forces, for the re-conception and reconstruction of a sustainable society with a circular economy. Making knowledge and solutions accessible through meetings, courses and training spaces for public servants and social leaders.

Support governments

• Exhibition of sustainable solutions for urban, energy and digital infrastructure for application in municipalities and provinces that optimize the use of natural, energy and economic resources with immediate application in terms of environmental pollution and reduction of the carbon footprint. Likewise, solutions to develop strategies for the recomposition of the social fabric and the elimination of inequality, marginalization, discrimination and human exploitation gaps.

• Generation of innovative and people-centered projects that are bankable and scalable.

• Link up local authorities and project developers and financial entities.

Detect and promote good governance practices.

• Identification of government practices and public policies that stand out for their innovation and impact on social and environmental well-being.

• Build learning shortcuts for political leaders: spaces for reflection, dialogue, and exchange of successful government practices

• Develop training programs on priority topics: Public Management, Governance, Leadership and Human Development, Gender Equity, Eradication of Social Gaps, Smart and Sustainable Cities and Peace Building.

Motivate, inspire and raise awareness among public officials and political leaders.

•Foster and promote public, conscious, sensitive, current and intuitive leadership through education in the development of human skills and emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

• We promote social co-responsibility through civic and paradiplomatic development of citizens.

• We offer learning spaces for the civic development of democracy and citizen participation in social reconstruction. Formations, discussion spaces, and awareness campaigns.

Foster multisectoral international cooperation

• Serve as observatory and international liaison office

•Identify actors of change: companies, multilateral organizations, International Funds as well as political and social leaders, experts from the educational, scientific, artistic and cultural community who share the vision of a new social order and a systemic renewal.

•Generation of action networks between public and private entities and social actors in Latin America, Europe, the US and other parts of the world.